Why you need winter tires "A"

Winter tires pneu d'hiver, for sale à vendre, winter tires shortages

September 27, 2021

 Why do I need winter tires ?

First, it is not only recommended but it is illegal not to use winter tires in Quebec from December 1st to March 15th for 2021. According to SAAQ the ticket is between 200 and 300$ PLUS fees. I would 

Winter tires for sale. pneu driver à vendre

At LGS Auto we recommend scheduling your tire replacements in advance.

Secondly, It will be safer for you, because having your winter tires on you vehicle before the snow arrives, will prevent you from having to drive to and from work in snow with you summer tires. Which is unsafe.

Winter tire for sale pneu d'hiver à vendre.

Thirdly, It will make the transition a lot less anxiety inducing. Because there is already so much more that we have on our plates. We don't need the extra stress of having to call every garage in your area to find the closest appointment. Plus you will not have to stress your self with hopping that it will not snow anymore until your winter tire appointment.

Lastly, It will ensure you get your winter tire in time ! because this year, because of the pandemic there is a winter tire shortage. which is exactly why you need to hurry up before everybody runs out and shelfs are empty. Feels like deja vu? Yes indeed, the same type of shortage that happened with toilet paper!

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